Pipe Dreams, Tube hell

Pipe Dreams: An unrealistic hope or Fantasy.
Origins: The allusion is to the dreams experienced by smokers of opium pipes.

Tube Hell: A journey on the London Underground.
Origins: Any passenger taking a journey on the tube during rush hour at the height of summer know two things. The London underground is a godless place and that HELL would be cooler.

With close to a billion passengers each year it is easy to understand why a Victorian designed underground railway system would not always be able to cope with modern day life. The London Underground celebrated 150 years of operations in 2013.

old tube carriage

old tube carriage

It is not, however, that easy to see why they could not have sorted out their act! I mean they have had 115 years since the death of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) to improve it a little bit.

Being a tube passenger is as much a state of mind as it is just getting on a tin can with wheels and waiting around for trains to arrive.

You need to a certain sadism to actually think that its a good idea in the first place. In the winter it is cold, miserable and dirty. In the summer it is hot, sweaty and dirty. The staff while they are doing a valuable job, cannot hide the fact that the system is run by a bunch of muppets that put the name of Jim Henderson to shame…

The London underground is the oldest underground railway system in the world and with 12 lines, 250 miles of track and some 275 stations it has some interesting facts hidden away.